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Swap Burning out for
a Fire Within

Are You Ready To KNOW (100%)
That You Are Awesome, Beautiful, Worthy,
Powerful, Unlimited In Potential, Whole,
Complete & Enough?

Self-Sabotage Can Be The Most Destructive Behaviour You Can Face In Your Life.
But As Smart And Successful Women, If We Know It Is A Problem Why Do We Do It?
It’s Not A Syndrome, It Is A Situation.
And Now You Can Get Back In Control…

"How often do you allow limiting beliefs and thoughts or what has happened to you in
the past to determine your future?

I have been helping women to overcome stress, self-sabotage and burnout for years with the fastest,
most effective female success solution available today.”


Using innovative, science and evidence-based proven methods, tools and programs, I help you unpack, understand and transform your most complex issues around female emotional and physical health, happiness and success so you can thrive while striving for the life you want. 

Stressed & Distressed?

I feel wired yet tired all the time.
Can’t sleep, no energy, my head aches, and my stomach is in knots and driving me crazy.

Help, I’m losing motivation, bogged down and stressed out!

If this sounds like you…

The Female Factor

You’re not CRAZY and it’s NOT all in your head!  You are FEMALE …with 22 differences to men.

This may be your ‘missing piece’ to uncover why you do what you do and what’s been holding you back.


A Powerful Emotional Wake-Up Call For You

Identify what’s holds you back from getting results. 

Limiting beliefs may become self-sabotage which builds stress and can lead to burnout.

Find out the exact steps to fast-track the outcome you want with energy, purpose and passion.


4-Day Breakthrough Revival

Join this powerful and proven life-changing event.

Fast track to long-lasting confidence clarity, strength and happiness with complete focus on YOU. You will leave ready for success.


The Fearlessly Free Woman

Get Clear, Think Big & Be Bold!

Increase your Impact and Boost your Outcome with this 8-week Intimate and Transformative Creatrix® Program designed specifically for women and the way we think.


1:1 Transformations

Shift your life into the next gear with the fastest personal development tool available for women today?

Specifically designed to optimize
unlimited potential for women.

Are You Currently :​

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you have come to the right place…and I am here to help.


Hi, I’m Leanne Boyd and I have been working with women just like you to help them grow in strength and happiness to become the best they can be.

I am a Transformologist® who specialises in providing women with a fast and long-lasting change to unlock their unlimited potential and get them right on track to the reach the level of success and wellness they want. 

My mission is to set women free to be and create anything they want in life. I am devoted to sharing ideas, tools, and resources that will help them.

Working with me enables you to:

A Unique ‘Psychology Solution’ Specifically Designed for Women

As a woman,

…You Know Too Well That Many of Your Friends, Clients, Colleagues and People
Around You Are Simply Not Achieving Their Full Potential.
They Truly Deserve the Recognition, Respect and Validation They Crave So Much.
You Can See It As Plain As Day.
It’s Right In Front of You!

But what about you?
What would they say when they see you?

Like the nose on your face, they can see it, but perhaps you can’t?
As challenging as this might be, you know within yourself you desire more and
there is more out there for you.

You have more potential that you have not yet tapped into, but there is more out
there for you. Something is holding your back. You have tried to shift this yourself but you just can’t seem to breakthrough. I see it in my private clients all the time. 

The level of success that they have achieved is really only the baseline for what is possible for them. But when we work together, it is like a tsunami for unlocked power, crashing through those long-term blockages, creating a clear path for them to grow.

They become empowered, confident, re-inspired in their careers, their personal life, their wealth and health, changing at a rapid pace. It is a beautiful sight to see.

And like you, they are already seen as achievers, successful, leaders in their industry
and in their community. Something was lacking in what they foresaw for themselves…

But When A Giant Leap Is Taken, The Potential Is Limitless​

You know within yourself, that you need to do something more to level up and switch your current struggle into actions for success… and do what you have been designed to do.   

But you simply haven’t been able to achieve this, yet. 

Let’s Delve Deep And See What Could Be Holding You Back​. Find Out More About How I Can Help You!​

My Happy Clients

“The Difference Between Every Woman Is The Degree Of
How Much They Believe In Themselves.
Realize How Incredibly Gifted YOU Are And What You Could Create
And Then Give Your Gift To The World With Love”

-Leanne Boyd

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