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A Unique Type of Functional Health Care
with Natural Health Options, Accessible Goals
And Supportive Care

Integrating Functional and Modern Natural Medicine
For A Personalized Approach To Your Whole Wellness
Professional Consultations to Treat All Aspects of Health

Feeling Stressed, Anxious, Unwell and Unable to Cope with Life?

I specialize in helping women get out of their stress cycle, end the overwhelm, take back control of their wellbeing to live the limitless life they want.

Stress is a normal response to life’s ups and downs. Chronic stress has been a contributing factor in many diseases of the immune system as your body responds to what you are feeling and may go into overload. Environmental, as well as social and work-related problems, may be the trigger for this excess stress.

Symptoms of stress and burnout may include:

What Is Integrative Naturopathy?

Naturopathy encompasses both scientific knowledge and traditional theory and uses an approach based on the principle that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself.

As a Naturopath, I strive to find the root cause of health issues and disease rather than treat just the symptoms viewing each person as needing an individualized prescription and not a ‘blanket’ one size fits all approach to their health.  I treat the ‘whole’ person.

Wellness encompasses optimal physical, psychological, spiritual, social and environmental aspects and not just the absence of disease.

I provide each person with a personalized holistic assessment and integrative treatment strategy incorporating nutritional needs, diet, lifestyle and herbal medicine. 

I continually study to stay updated and complete many postgraduate studies in all aspects of Naturopathy and Clinical Reflexology. 

You may feel this way because you are:

  • Struggling with uncomfortable symptoms
  • Sick and tired of not knowing what to eat
  • Staying up late researching health symptoms
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Tired, stressed and foggy
  • Frustrated because no one seems to be able to provide answers
  • Seeking a thorough evidence-based approach, where a Naturopath works along with (and not against) Medical Doctors
  • Needing a clear and simple treatment plan that doesn’t just address the symptoms with lots of supplements, but addresses the true cause!

If any of these sound all too familiar, I am here to help.

I also treat Complex Cases and help with chronic Diseases

know that you are not alone. i see clients every day just like You!

When I saw Grace she had been feeling unwell for quite a while. Here’s what she had to say about her health shortly after.

I may use any of the following to assist you on your path to wellness:

  • Dietary intervention – Using food as medicine
  • Lifestyle awareness & recommendations- work life balance and stress reduction
  • Getting you to do more of what you enjoy in life for fulfillment
  • Herbal Medicine – Scientific research supports their use
  • Clinical Reflexology – tune into your needs through acupressure
  • Nutritional supplementation- to address deficiencies and known imbalances
  • Creatrix® Transformation (Upon Application)

What Other Advice Do i Offer?

You do not need to actually be unwell to see me for Naturopathy.

Many women visit me to formulate a “wellness plan”. I prefer to take a preventative approach, with the aim of preventing illness from developing.

Many women like to see me because the methods I use are non-invasive and have fewer side effects than orthodox medicine. However, I believe that medical professionals have a very important and vital role to play in our health care.

What You Can Expect:

At your first consultation, Leanne will:

Please allow up to 90 minutes for your initial consultation (either in Clinic or on a Consult via Zoom) so Leanne can form a complete picture of your overall health using a range of diagnostic tools to help determine what may be the root cause of the problem.

Leanne provides you with a full explanation of test results, what they mean for you and will happily answer any questions you may have.

Practitioner Approved Supplements or a Customized Herbal Formula Blend for your specific condition to support your recovery back to wellness.

Leanne offers a plan for your on-going physical and emotional wellness and recovery and customized programs to support your health, diet and lifestyle including Clinical Reflexology and a Creatrix® Transformation (Upon Application).

Wellness Is Not A State Of ‘Being’, It’s A State Of Action! ​

“You Are In Good Hands And Heading In The Right Direction If You’re Wanting To Get To The Bottom Of Your Symptoms And Work Towards Healing.

It’s A Great Feeling To Have A Practitioner That Really Listens To You, ‘Gets You’ And Genuinely Cares About You.”

There are many ways that Naturopathy can help you restore your health and sense of well-being to regain your optimal level of wellness.

My natural therapies can help with:

..And much more….just reach out to me for a chat.

Health Care

Maybe you have seen a Practitioner before and you want to figure out if I can help further.

You might have questions that you want to ask in person before you commence a treatment plan.

You may be wondering if I can identify what is causing your symptoms.

No matter where you are, I can offer Naturopath consultation by phone or Zoom consultations and send nutritional supplementation through Australia and Overseas.

I will find the right balance for you and your health and wellbeing Naturally, If you live in my area I would love to see you in person in my Samford Valley

Call me on 1300 946 662

“The Difference Between Every Woman Is The Degree Of How Much They Believe In Themselves.
Realize How Incredibly Gifted YOU Are And What You Could Create… And Then Give Your Gift To The World With Love”

-Leanne Boyd

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