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Ultimate Personal Growth & Success Program

Get Clear, Think Big and Be Bold!

Join the “Fearlessly Free Formula” 8-week Transformation Program Today!
Turn ‘not feeling good enough’ into unlimited potential and increase your personal impact and influence to make the difference you want to see and be a part of! 

This program is specifically designed to tap deep into the female mind and guide you to get the best outcome for you…to thrive while you strive for the life you want.  And I will totally support you with the accountability you need to get it!

Be an Action-Taker for the rest of your life…not an Excuse-Maker!

With this Breakthrough program, you will easily reach your hidden personal higher emotional intelligence and rid yourself of self-sabotaging habits and patterns that hold you hostage and keeps your happiness and success at bay. 

The Fearlessly Free Formula Program will bring you emotional freedom, confidence, clarity and carefree courage to step out and live life in the way that you want…with no limitations.

It’s fast, effective and long-lasting with guaranteed results.

If you are 100% ready to uplevel your life NOW,  then I am ready to help you. 

4-Day Breakthrough Revival

Immerse yourself in the heart of a beautiful cool, lush rain forest for 4 days of transformation, nourishment, and fun.

Be totally supported for the best outcome possible for YOU with the fastest and most effective personal development and success solution available to women today… and trust 100% that it works!

Women at the Breakthrough to Brilliance Revival become ‘fearlessly free Women’ ready to meet life head on.. and win!


Natural Health Options, Accessible Goals, Personal Supportive Care

I specialize in helping women get out of their stress cycle, end the overwhelm, take back control of their wellbeing

  • Struggling with uncomfortable symptoms
  • Sick and tired of not knowing what to eat
  • Staying up late researching health symptoms
  • Constantly feeling overwhelmed
  • Tired, stressed and foggy
  • Frustrated because no one seems to be able to provide answers

Know That You Are Not Alone. I See Clients Every Day Just Like You!

If Any Of These Points Sound Familiar, I Am Here To Help.

Clinical Reflexology

The Perfect Antidote To Stress, Anxiety And Vital Life Balance

Reflexology promotes balance across physical, mental, emotional, and energetic levels of the body and gives you the most profound and deep relaxation reducing stress levels while boosting your body’s natural healing abilities.

How Will Reflexology Help You?

Natural facial Rejuvenation

“The Most Gentle And Blissful Treatment Your Face Will Ever Experience!”

Wishing you could just chill out for 90 minutes and look younger, fresher, glowing and totally rejuvenated with energy afterwards?

 Yes?  Great!

“I Have Been Helping Women To De-Stress, Look Younger, Feel Great And 

Glow With Boosted Confidence For Years”.

Face Reading

What Does Your Face say About You?

Your face and You Area Always Changing.

Face Reading is a Personal Development and Diagnostic Tool That gives insight into your life, beliefs and repeating patterns. It also can provide a picture of your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.


Free Gift Uniquely Female

Women have 22 differences to men that make us uniquely female.  This is your ‘missing piece’ to reveal why you do what you do.  

Find out the first 7 here for FREE!


Book Your Emotional Wake-Up Power Call Today

Identify what’s holding you back in a 1:1 Private Call with Leanne.  Let’s find the hidden beliefs that block your way and keep you stuck.

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