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Are You Ready To KNOW (100%)

That You Are Awesome, Beautiful, Worthy, Powerful, Unlimited In Potential, Whole, Complete And Enough?​

Self-Sabotage Can Be The Most Destructive Behaviour
You Can Face In Your Life.  But As Smart And Successful Women,If We Know It Is A Problem, Why Do We Do It?
It’s Not A Syndrome, It Is A Situation.
And Now You Can Get Back In Control…

What will your next step
be for your future?

ARE YOU 100% Ready for Positive Change?

Start Now! You have what it takes!

Are you tired of feeling stressed, stuck, worn out, overwhelmed, uninspired and unable to cope with life? 

Always feeling like you’re ‘not good enough’ to achieve what you would like to do which leaves you with no motivation to give it a try?

Do you feel like you need an opportunity to take that next step to uplevel your life and finally get out of your own way?

A ‘shake up’ from what you have been suffering through – a final change for the better.

YES? Excellent!

Then these are the most important words you have read this year…
Because I can help you get the emotional breakthrough you need (and have been waiting for).   I have been helping women to overcome stress, self-sabotage and burnout for years

Women just LIKE YOU ARE NOW…felt trapped, overcome by their insecurities, just couldn’t get a handle on things, felt lost in their lives, stuck and unable to achieve what they wanted.

Know that you are not alone. I see clients every day just like you!

You know you need this when you:

If any of this sounds all too familiar, I am here to help.

When Women Work With Me They:

Does This Sound Like Something You
Could Benefit From Too?

Here’s what some of
my happy clients have to say:

Are you ready to take a leap of faith and shift
your life into the next gear?

The Ultimate Personal Growth & Success Program For Women

The female-specific personal development tool I use sets ANY woman totally free from emotional struggle to ReCREATE her life, as she dreams and desires…


Get Clear, Think Big and Be Bold!

I get 100% results for my clients always… when they are ready to be fearlessly free of all that holds them back from happiness and success!

Join the “Fearlessly Free Woman”
8-week Transformation Program Today!

Be an Action-Taker for the rest of your life…not an Excuse-Maker!

Turn ‘not feeling good enough’ into unlimited potential and increase your personal impact and influence to make the difference you want to see and be a part of! 

This program is specifically designed to tap deep into the female mind and guide you to get the best outcome for you…to thrive while you strive for the life you want.  And I will totally support you with the accountability you need to get it!

With this Breakthrough program, you will easily reach your hidden personal higher emotional intelligence and rid yourself of self-sabotaging habits and patterns that hold you hostage and keeps your happiness and success at bay. 

The Fearlessly Free Woman Program will bring you emotional freedom, confidence, clarity and carefree courage to step out and live life in the way that you want…with no limitations.
This Creatrix® Transformation Program is fast, effective and long-lasting with guaranteed results.  It is THE most innovative and effective Personal Development Tool for women available in the World Today!

If you are 100% ready to uplevel your life NOW, then I am ready to help you.

This Trifecta of Triumph diagram easily explains
the effective shift that occurs during the Fearlessly Free Woman Program.

I am so certain that you will get the agreed outcome and powerful longlasting breakthrough transformation you want, I am willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

What This Means for You?

I take you through an amazing, cutting-edge adventurous process that is done with your eyes closed. It causes you to unlearn your issues at the very core until they drop away, no longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional and mental intelligence

This proven process:

  • Is easy to do 
  • Is painless (even enjoyable!) 
  • Goes deep & is thorough 
  • Stops incessant ‘head chatter’ 
  • Changes sabotaging beliefs to abundance beliefs 
  • Makes thought patterns more positive 
  •  Drastically reduces intense anxiety & negative emotions 
  • Installs the resources to make it impossible to revert backwards 


can achieve what traditional psychology has been unable to do for women because it is specifically designed for women and the female mind.

It is the success solution you’ve been seeking and will unblock you from your deepest inner barriers and fears and heal the deepest core issues that even you are mostly unaware of

Creatrix® can help ANY woman who is struggling emotionally.

You Need Creatrix® If:

The 5 Stages of Creatrix®

This ‘female-specific’ process was featured in a documentary. See how two women become ‘fearlessly free’ of their emotional negativity and step out as confident and courageous and do exactly what they want in their life.

They now believe they can do it … and they do!

The Future of Female Personal Development

Specific to Women

Women are more emotionally sensitive and think differently to men so it makes sense that we need a process uniquely designed to unlock our true potential aligned with the way the female mind works. This female psychology process respectfully sets your heart free from past hurts and issues that affect you today.

Science-based & Proven

Based on research and the proven science of Epigenetics incorporating the fact that generations of women have lived through suppressive times with emotions passed down the bloodline through cellular memory. Creatrix® IS the future of female personal development!

Holistic & Organic

This process works on the ‘whole woman’ giving you deep life learnings that will refresh your whole way of being at a cellular level physically without stress to improve your wellbeing. Your passion, purpose and enthusiasm for life will receive the boost you need to move forward with confidence.

You will have a new, clear perspective that will enhance and lighten your entire life.

Chronic and complex physical issues will be easier to manage without the associated emotional drain.

Super Fast & Effective

Your issues could go from a negative 10/10 in intensity to positive 0/10 in a superfast almost immediate release in under 90 minutes. Totally gone for good. It’s a big claim to make but has been proven time and time again with women with LONG-LASTING results.

Painless & Enjoyable

A brief assessment before we start sets the process up to be personalised for you and your needs…and there is absolutely no pouring over your problems after this. No negativity or tears...except perhaps tears of happiness for the joy you will feel.

Would you rather have a chat with me first?

Book an Emotional Wake-Up Call Today

No matter where you are, I can offer a power session by phone or via Zoom
throughout Australia and Overseas.

We will look at the exact steps you need to take to grow in confidence, clarity, strength and happiness to become the best YOU.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Creatrix® is an adventurous virtual reality process that’s
done with your eyes closed, that causes you to unlearn
your issues at the very root until they drop away, no
longer needed, replaced with much higher emotional
and mental intelligence.

No other Personal development or psychology tool offers this process as all other techniques are based on the foundational belief that male and female brains work in the same way. This is not the case and while women continue to rely of male-based program
and tools, they will always fall short of reaching emotional freedom. Creatrix® Is specifically designed for the FEMALE MIND and is created by a woman in alignment with our true female nature.


Creatrix® achieves all elements required for long-lasting positive change for women.  It’s an internal education program with yourself as the TEACHER.

You know your own learned life lessons and I help you go straight to your subconscious source of your EQ.  Your female mind is very smart, and with guidance, you can easily obtain a fast and effective download of your own mental and emotional higher intelligence so you can finally release STUCK issues for good.


The ‘star’ is your exclusively female ‘Uterus’ program that cannot be manipulated by mind methods created by men (which is all the widely known psychology, psychotherapy and NLP methods).  


There is a creative, nurturing and spiritual element to Creatrix® that a female mind absorbs, and she becomes openly guided by her own innate ‘knowing’ or intuition.  It may sound ‘out there’ but it works 100% of the time when a woman knows she is ready to step up to positive change and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

“It’s safe, easy and gentle.”

“Unlike anything else you could ever do!”

“It gets into deep, dark areas and easily sets you free.”

“Wonderful, freeing & liberating.”

“Empowering & amazing!”

“I now feel like a ‘Warrior Woman!”

It’s like I’ve had ‘emotional botox’!  I feel and look younger!

If you can close your eyes and visualize an image in your mind, then you can do Creatrix®. 

It works best when you are open and 100% ready to commit to positive change. Let me explain this further. If I say to you “picture a red apple”. You instantly see a red apple in your mind’s eye. Through Creatrix®, you experience the ability toaccess your deepest inner wisdom and life learnings from within your unconscious mind. You can’t access them by everyday conscious thinking.

It can last for years. In fact, your old belief or negative emotion will never return in the form that it was. It won’t have that burn in your heart again. However, another suppressed emotion may appear and then that issue is what you work on from there. 

Creatrix® gives you an amazing sense of self-awareness. You will find yourself recognizing emotions that come up for you and then just move on without melting into a mess again. No tears in sight.

The science of epigenetics proves that you may inherit emotional pain and trauma experienced by your ancestors from as far back as four generations.  You get more than just physical traits because emotions affect cells and cells hold memory and emotional scarring.  This explains generational cycles of insecurities, domestic violence and abuse.

A Creatrix® Breakthrough takes you on a journey that allows you to easily go back and recode this subconscious patterning at a deep core level, so you become liberated from sabotaging thoughts and habits.  You are free to finally move forward and create a life according to your fresh and new way of thinking and being without any suppressed emotions holding you back.

Choose to change and BE the one to break the pattern.

You don’t feel happy
Negative head chatter is constant
You feel stuck and not good enough
Self-doubt is always present
You shove emotions to the back
You feel like a failure
You’d rather melt into the background
You have a fear of success
You are not achieving your goals
You can’t break the pattern of poor choices
The past haunts you and you can’t let go
Angry outbursts are common
You feel shame and guilt a lot
You carry daily negative emotions

4- Day Breakthrough Revival

Join this powerful & proven life-changing event.

Fast Track to long-lasting confidence clarity, strength & happiness with complete focus on YOU. You will leave ready for success…

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