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"She Needs a break"
3-Day Rainforest Retreat


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16th - 18th September 2022

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17th - 19th
March 2023

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Tired of feeling stressed, stuck, worn out, overwhelmed, uninspired, and unable to cope with life?

Does the thought of a revitalizing break away from your everyday life fill you with a longing for joy?

Do you crave a few days where you can be nurtured while …just being YOU?                            

Actually, when was the last time you unapologetically took time out for yourself?
Let’s be honest…if you can’t remember then it’s been too long!
We’ve all encountered the ‘oxygen mask theory’ right? 
We all wear so many hats, it’s hard to keep track of who needs what…and it’s so easy to lose sight of ourselves.
My question to you is this.  Have you checked your own ‘oxygen mask’ recently? 
Or…have you just had another year that’s gone by and nobody thought to give you a break so you could get that renewed energy you need to keep it all going?

                                   If Your Heart And Body Says YES, It’s Time For A Break!

Make 2022  ‘your year’ when you take the getaway your tired soul needs and has been craving for (but not able to take…until now!)

This will be the best personal investment of time and money for yourself you’ll make this year…

Leave your busy, chaotic life behind and experience the magic of a blissful escape nestled in nature right in the heart of a refreshing Mountain Rainforest at Mt. Glorious in the Brisbane Hinterland near the beautiful and picturesque Samford Valley.

Get ready to relax, rejuvenate and recharge your mind and body while you focus solely on YOU and what you need.

As a woman, mother, businesswoman, carer, wife, partner, you know too well that every day requires a certain level of confidence, credibility, leadership and ‘all-knowing’ wrapped up together with loads of energy and expectation.

The ‘vulnerable woman in need of healing’ inside of YOU  is always just beneath the façade of being the strong woman getting through your days…right?

It’s time to stop and recharge your mind, body and soul.

Every One Of Us Needs Time To Pause, Reflect & Restore

You know you need this break away if you:

If any of this sounds all too familiar, I am here to help.

Even the word ‘Retreat’ evokes a sense of peace and calm.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll slip into a mode of relaxation and reflection.  This is because you’re taking yourself out of the environment that you associate with stress, and into a new environment that is designed to help you relax.

You’ll return home feeling lighter, and restored.

At the "She Needs a Break Retreat" :

Does this sound like something you would benefit from?

The nurturing, nourishment & fun you will have with like-minded
women will totally shift your perspective.
Gathering in nature allows our natural selves to shine!
This is a Rewarding investment for YOU and Your Wellbeing!

Here is what you can look forward to:

The retreat program covers all on-site activities and catering from 2:30pm on Friday to 1:00pm on Sunday and includes:


Full Payment

$ 1,397
  • Twin Share Accommodation
  • All inclusions Optional

Private Accommodation
(Full Payment)

$ 1,497
  • Private Accommodation
  • All Inclusions Optional 2nd Massage extra

Payment Plan

$ 385
00 Deposit
  • Plus 3 x monthly payments of $385.00
  • Twin Share Accommodation
  • All inclusions Optional
    2nd massage extra

Private Accommodation
(Payment Plan)

$ 420
00 Deposit
  • Plus 3 x monthly payments of $420.00
  • Private Accommodation
  • All Inclusions Optional 2nd Massage extra

“Your future will unfold regardless of what you do. Be kind to yourself with self-love along your journey – the ride will be so much better”.

-Leanne Boyd


Nestled in the heart of a cool mountain-top  rainforest at Mt. Glorious overlooking stunning Samford Valley and Moreton Bay.  This private pocket  of rainforest is one of peace and tranquility with stunning natural beauty.   

Approximately one
hour drive from the Brisbane CBD and one hour from the Brisbane Domestic Airport, Mt. Glorious Getaways is a gorgeously cosy Homestead and surrounding accommodation

Rainforest walking tracks are right at the door and the garden surrounding the home leads onto expansive areas of lush green lawns totally free from noise and disruption.

Activities will be held in all areas in and around the Homestead and there is always a surprise visit from some of the amazing wildlife living in this rainforest wonderland.
Available accommodation is both twin share and private.

There are only 8 spots available at each Retreat event so book in quick as places sell out fast!


Delicious and nutritious meals are mostly organic and home-cooked throughout the 4-Day Revival and served in a relaxed and social manner.

On the Saturday night, with most of the activities and breakthrough completed, there is time for a celebratory champagne or two with your newfound friends at the event.

Dietary requirements can be accommodated with notice.

Photography Session

During your time at the Revival, you will have the opportunity to
have a professional photo taken if you choose.

Past Revival attendees have loved this opportunity to capture forever the essence of what they have experienced at the Revival

Some informal ‘behind the scenes’ photos will be taken also for your memories during moments of social fun and joy.

Post Revival you will have an opportunity for another private photoshoot with our professional photographer anyhow you choose
(personal, with friends or family…even private boudoir shots is an


Here's What Past Revival Attendees Had To Say...​

Frequently Asked Questions.

If you are flying in, you will need to arrive at Brisbane Airport and hire a vehicle from the airport via your preferred route.

Mt. Glorious Getaways is easily found on google maps 

Alternatively, you can take the Airport Train to Brisbane Central station and then change to the Ferny Grove Line. Take the Train right to the end of the line to Ferny Grove. If you choose this method of transport, I will arrange for you to be picked up and driven to the Revival venue

Mt. Glorious is at least 5% cooler than in the Valley so we advise you to bring warmer attire. Depending on the time of the year, the degree of warmth of your clothes will vary. It’s wise to bring comfy jumpers and pants or a track suit. Socks and slippers for your feet would be a great idea too.

You need to keep your feet warm. You will also need to pack for 2 nights, toiletries, changes of clothes etc. If you crave night snacks, you may like to bring those, however, most of the ladies are quite satisfied by the food that is supplied.  Self-Care Circle Chat materials and all meals are provided.  Special Dietary requirements are catered for.

As you can imagine a lot of preparation goes into the She Needs a Break Retreat and places are very limited. Whilst we understand that life can be messy and surprises happen, any initial payments are not refundable if you cancel. If you have questions about payment plans or refunds please contact Leanne at leanne@leanneboyd.com with any queries and concerns.

The 3-Day Rainforest Retreat does have a full program. However, all available activities are opt in or opt out.   You have the opportunity to ‘design your own Retreat’.  Even if you choose to do every activity you will still have free time to go for a wander through the rainforest, take a nap or simply bliss out in the beautiful surroundings of the Retreat venue. 

There is a Post Retreat Tour of the stunning Phoenix Sculpture Garden available if you are not ready to run from the rainforest.  The private gardens are open until 4:00pm.  You can join the private FB Group Women Living Fearlessly Free to continue to connect and support each other. You may also like to join any of the coaching programs or services offered by the Facilitator, Leanne Boyd.  

Attendance is by application only.
Limited to 8 women per event

Not sure if this Retreat is for you? 

Would you rather have a chat with me first?

Maybe you’ve attended Retreats before…
Perhaps you’ve come home excited, but have ended up exactly where you started…still tired and stuck!

There is a reason WHY and I will explain on our chat.
You may have other questions you want to ask in person.

No matter where you are, I can offer a consultation by phone or via a Zoom call.

Call me today on 1300 946 662 or book an information chat today.

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